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Aushadhi Kendra

The history of Ayurveda has the brightest medical significance on earth and it holds its place irrespective of any technology. It has nature extracts which have the power to fight against any virus, infection or diseases. From ancient times to the present day and looking at past events and future circumstances, Ayurveda still holds the brightest place in medicinal science. It builds the human body in every way by strengthening the basic essential elements of the human body.

So here at GSC Aushadhi Kendra, we are providing you business opportunity through Ayurveda in low investment because 2020 is the year which has confirmed as announcement that with lots of issues to promote physical health. is necessary. Today, GSC Aushadhi Kendra has established itself in a high potential area of health and hygiene.

What Is GSC Aushadhi Kendra ?

GSC Aushadhi Kendra is a marketplace that allows its customers to deal with OTC products (over-the-counter) with the ingredients of all the products approved and tested by the Ministry of AYUSH.

So here's the synopsis of its origins- When we realized that COVID-19 is not curable but can be prevented through social-distancing and boosting an immune system, we thought why not wealth and wellness. The concept of handling should be changed. We are presenting to you, the customers, a deal wherein minimal investment can help you in providing a great and unique business opportunity and you will be able to buy COVID-19 essential products only through online or offline depending on your preference. have to sell.

GSC Aushadhi Kendra

Features Of Your GSC Aushadhi Kendra

It will have OTC products that are 100% safe, 0% side effect free, 100% pure and natural.
You get a free license to sell GSC AYUSH Center products which are tested and then verified by the Ministry of AYUSH. Free registration license for sale of 15,000.
The customers of GSC Aushadhi Kendra will have full and proper support of backend team i.e. customers will have their Market-Place-Login access, their Android App.
Full support for branding and marketing. Customers can share their product details, any relevant posts, updates and blogs directly on social media through their portal.
The customers will get the best inventory management as they are given the option on the stock limit.
The company deals with all the major business problems which are licensing, branding, sourcing and inventory.
The customers get a great deal of commission rate in the products of GSC Pharmaceuticals.
No office space is required.

Reasons Why GSC Aushadhi Kendra Will Work

It doesn't require or demand heavy business knowledge, you just need communication skills.
It can be started by any man or woman who wants to start their side-business or want to generate extra income.
Anyone can start this business, you can start it as a side-profession in your society and it will work because due to social distancing people need products to increase immunity and it is available to them. What's better if it's available.
You can buy the product and sell it to other local vendors.
The products of GSC Aushadhi Kendra have a powerful impact on the areas of wealth and wellness. These drugs address the financial and health challenges of modern lifestyles
The product of each GSC Aushadhi Kendra has been manufactured after a long clinical trial and under the direction and supervision of Ministry of AYUSH. Our production unit is also in compliance with the guidelines to meet the international standards.
Our product manufacturing unit is well equipped with the most modern state-of-the-art equipment and is certified for manufacturing Herbal Medicines and Supplements providing the best Ayurvedic Franchise business opportunities in India.

Products Available at GSC Aushadhi Kendra

Franchisee owners of GSC Aushadhi Kendra will deal in 2 sectors-

1. Hygiene - Due to the increasing cases of diseases, it is important for all to maintain social-distancing and follow epidemiological guidelines, to maintain cleanliness, regularly demand products for hygiene like sanitizers, masks, sanitizing machines, etc. are available in the franchised product list.

2. Health - To keep the core strong and fit, regular consumption of certain ingredients is advised by the Ministry of AYUSH, and GSC Aushadhi Kendra franchise owners have access to immunity and to cure other problems in natural and herbal License to sell Ayurvedic products. way.

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