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Trademark Registration

Trademark ‘TM’ and Service mark ‘SM are the symbols that allow the public to identify that the company or an individual is claiming exclusive rights on the said goods, services or ideas. For this, one must get the file the application for Trademark Registration and apply for the same.

The ® symbol can be used once the trademark is registered and approved and a registration certificate is issued for the same. The registration symbol is valid for 10 years from the date of registration of the trademark. A trademark could be obtained within 3 days of application filing but the registration symbol may take up to 2 years to be obtained. The registration process is the same for both trademarks and service marks. Get trademark registration help on gst suvidha center.

Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration

Signs of a Trademark

To indicate that a trademark has been claimed companies use one of three symbols:

 ™ - Using the trademark symbol after a logo or phrase alerts competitors that you have claimed this symbol or phrase as your own, but you don’t have to have even formally apply for it.

 ® - Only trademarks that have been officially granted by the Trademark office can use the ® symbol, which stands for registered trademark.

 ℠ - Companies that sell services, not products, have the option to use the service mark logo, but most use the ™ instead for simplicity.

Benefits of Registration

Once a trademark has been granted, the owner receives three key benefits:

 A notice of claim to any other businesses thinking of using the same symbol or word as its trademark

 A legal presumption of ownership, which can help fend off would-be users

 The exclusive right to use the claimed trademark

Trademark Registration
Trademark Registration

What can trademark registration do?

 It provides Exclusive Rights as the owner can enjoy the sole ownership of the Trademark and can stop other from the unauthorized use of the Trademark under the same class where it is registered. It gives the right to sue the unauthorized user of the Trademark Registered.

 The established quality of your product and services are known by everyone through the trademark and which establishes trust and goodwill among the customers in market. It helps in creating permanent customers

 It makes your product and identity of products different from that of the existing and foreseen competitors and acts as efficient commercial tool. The logo can communicate your vision, quality or unique characteristic of your company and any organization.

 Customers attach the product’s quality with the brand name and this image is created in the market about the quality of a particular brand which helps in attracting new customers

 Registered trademark is a right created which can be sold, assigned, franchised or commercially contracted. Also, the Trademark is an intangible asset which gives the advantage to the organization.

 Once the trademark is registered you can use the ® symbol on your logo stating that it is a registered trademark and no one can use the same trademark.

 No competitor or other person can use the word mark or logo registered by you under trademark.

 It is cost efficient and helps your company create an unique image as Once you register the trademark you have to just pay the maintenance cost and renewal cost .

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