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CA Certification
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CA Certification

A digital certificate issued by a certificate authority (CA) is known as CA Certification.

This Authority for the digital certificate is a trusted team that operates and distributes security certificates and public codes that are used for secure conversation in a common network. The CA is part of the public key infrastructure (PKI) along with the registration authority (RA) who confirms the data presented by a requester of a digital certificate. If the information is verified as correct, the certificate authority can then issue a certificate. This certificate contains data about the entity to which it has been issued, including it's a public key and termination period for the certificate as well the entity's name, communication data and other information linked to the certified entity.

Do you know the earning potential of CA Certification facilities?

Since charges for CA Certification depends on different business turnover but the minimum charges including GST are Rs. 1888, so if a franchise owner gets a minimum of 5 services in a month. Eventually, he/she is making more than 6000 per month with this single facility and with additional services of promoter App facility the earning potential increases.

If you want to get further in the details contact your nearest GST Suvidha Centers.

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