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Indian Railways operates over 13K passenger trains and 9K freight trains daily, and in this, the mind and heart of almost every adult in India are etched with the memory of planning their visit to grandparents or an exotic hill station to escape the heat. But train travel is not just about the summer months. The train is still considered as the most convenient source of travel for a majority of people. Despite the long hours' train journeys are associated with an experience that’s unmatched by any air or bus journey. Over 23 Mn passengers travel by Indian Railways trains daily in India.

A GST Suvidha Centers' Franchise owner you have the option to book train tickets and make this as your profitable business.

"The train is a low margin and high volume business. So until and unless you have a certain volume of bookings you will not be able to run the operations with positive unit economics" said Vaidya of Confirmtkt. So start booking and start earning.

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