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GSTR-8 is a return to be filed by the e-commerce operator like GST Suvidha Centers.


GSTR 8 is a type of GST return to being filed by the e-commerce operator who is required to deduct TCS(Tax Collected at Source) under GST. GSTR 8 filing will comprise details like the supplies effected through the e-commerce platform and the amount of tax collected at source (TCS) from e-commerce sellers and their GSTIN. To help taxpayers prepare their GSTR 8 return offline, Goods and Service Tax Network(GSTN) has provided an Excel-based GSTR 8 offline utility. The e-commerce operators can prepare their GSTR 8 form details offline by generating the JSON file. Once the return is prepared using offline utility, it is to be uploaded on GST Portal for filing GSTR 8.


Who is required to file GSTR-8?

Every e-commerce operator registered under GST is required to file GSTR-8. An e-commerce operator has been defined under the GST Act as any person who owns or manages a digital or electronic facility or platform for carrying out electronic commerce. All such e-commerce operators are mandatorily required to obtain GST registration as well as register for TCS.


 Using Offline Utility, the e-commerce operator can able to prepare the GSTR 8 details of Table 4 and Table 3 in offline mode

 Most of the business validations and data entry are inbuilt in the GSTR 8 offline utility, reducing errors upon upload to GST Portal.


What is the penalty for late filing for GSTR-8 filing?

A penalty of Rs.25000 can be levied on an e-commerce operator for each GSTR-8 filing not filed on-time by an e-commerce operator. In addition to the penalty for late filing of GSTR-8, interest penalty or fine could also be levied for late payment of TCS deducted and not remitted on-time.

Requirements for Filing GSTR-8

There are few pre-condition for filing GSTR-8:

 E-commerce operators should have an active GSTIN, and he or she should be a registered person only then tax return can be submitted.
 Valid UserID and password is a must
 Ever eligible tax filer should have the correct digital signature(DSC), and it should have a registered mobile number on the portal.
 TCS amount should be collected only by the E-commerce Operator.


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