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What is the Difference Between Jan Aushadhi Kendra and GSC Aushadhi Kendra

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Difference Between Jan Aushadhi Kendra & GSC Aushadhi Kendra

A Sudden Drift of technique can be observed in the business sector after the arrival of COVID-19, Lockdown, and the Economic Crisis and that's why we are here to guide you about a safe financial backup in case anything happens again. Having a Side business is an important tool and looking at the 2020 scenario, we suggest having a Business in fitness/ well-being is the key for the financial locks.


  1. How to Open Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra?

Before That, we would like to update you with a piece of information that starting a business means having space, capital and if it is in the medical field you should at least have a degree, just like in Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra.

To Open a Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Kendra you must have a Pharma Degree or you can hire someone who has one, only then you will get the license by the government, you should have a clinic space and also should have a capital to invest, Frankly speaking, you must have a good amount of money to spend even if you are self-made person.


 2. GSC Jan Aushadhi Kendra-

The Second Option- if you have the intention to be successful and head of an entrepreneur, you still can shine in the business industry taking health as a business option. 

GSC Aushadhi Kendra, a business module having Corona Essentials Products approved by The Ministry of Ayush can be your one option for a golden opportunity in the health sector. 


  1. The reason why GSC Aushadhi Kendra will work-
  1. It does not require or demand heavy knowledge of business; you just need communication skills. 
  2. It can be started by any Men or Women who want to start their side-business or generate extra income.
  3. This business can be started by anyone, you can start it in your Society as a side-profession and it will work as due to social distancing people need products to boost immunity and what’s better if it gets available near them.
  4. You can purchase the product and sell it to other local vendors.
  5. The products in GSC Aushadhi Kendra have an impactful effect on the areas of wealth and wellness. These medicines counter Financial and health-related challenges of modern lifestyle
  6. Every GSC Aushadhi Kendra's product has been manufactured after a long clinical trial and under the direction and supervision of the Ministry of AYUSH. Our production unit is also in compliance with the guidelines to meet international standards.
  7. Our Products Manufacturing unit is equipped with the most modern state-of-art equipment and certified to manufacture herbal medicines and supplements to provide the best Ayurvedic franchise business opportunities in India.
  1. How to Contact-

We can help you in providing more information regarding the GSC Aushadhi Kendra’s' business module, connect with us on 1800-843-5500  or Click to fill the form



2021 के अंत तक हमारी उपलब्धियां


खुश ग्राहक

20,000 +

जीएसटी केंद्र

450 +


10,000 +

ऐप डाउनलोड

20,000+ जीएसटी केंद्र हम आपको अपना व्यवसाय आसान और तेज़ शुरू करने की अनुमति देते हैं


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