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3 Non-Avoidable Reasons to have Health Insurance before 2021

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Health is the key for Everything, A healthy Body gives strength to a healthy mind, it’s not the only reason why we are suggesting to have insurance.


“Don't just wear Mask, protect yourself through insurance”


Before 2020, only a few minds who understood the importance of Financial stability had Insurance, But Look at this year, Can't You Feel that a "Health Insurance" is a "must-to-have thing".

If you are fortunate enough you can take down any disease but if not, we suggest don't have a financial breakout as well, especially Young People. With the continuously rising cost of healthcare, and with the ever-rising instances of diseases, health insurance today is a necessity.


Let Us Give you the 3 Basic yet life-balancing points on how can a health Insurance save yourself-


1) Financial Shield against sudden breakouts:

It’s an essential duty to have health insurance as a precaution or protection shield. If you suddenly get sick or wounded, something happens and you get hospitalized, in that case, health insurance is there to help you meet the expenses that can be a financial burden on you. InCase of emergency, the total lump sum money needed can only be covered by insurance or by someone rich with the bank account.


2) Enhanced Life Protection:

Diseases are on the rise, especially among young generation compared to people under the age of 45 due to their irregular lifestyle, unhealthy environment, unhealthy eating habits and technology addiction. Opting for health insurance can help to cover normal medical tests and make it easier to take care of medical expenses.


3)Tax Benefits:

Premium paid on Health insurance is tax-deductible under section 80D of the Income Tax Act.

People up to 60 years of age can demand a discount of up to ₹ 25,000 for the health insurance premium paid for themselves, or their wife or kids. One can also claim another ₹ 50,000 as a discount if you purchase health insurance for their parents aged 60 years and above.


So now You know why  purchasing Health Insurance is important, since taking health Insurance is necessary, choosing the right partner for it is also necessary. If You Want, you can Connect with GST Suvidha centres’ franchise. It gives multiple options in the health insurance sector such as Critical Health Insurance, COVID-19 Insurance, Regular Medical Check-up, etc of highly known Firms like HDFC Ergo, PNB, SBI, Etc.

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