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How to Get MSME New Business Loan After Lock Down

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According to Finance Buddha- "In India Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises/companies are the largest employment providers. 69% is the total contribution of MSME to overall employment in the country. MSME also holds a share of almost 45% of the manufacturing industry and 40% of our total exports in the country." 


However, MSME needs capital to grow in the market and several organizations provide funds for it. 

Now that 2020 is facing a lot of breakdown in the sectors of health, employment, and finance government is taking measures for it to provide relief to millions of small businesses rolling under the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown with various MSME loan scheme 2020, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Wednesday announced for a collateral-free automatic loan worth Rs.3-lakh crore.

To provide micro small and medium enterprises with equity support, the Government will also facilitate the provision of Rs.20,000 crore as subordinate debt. For the Subordinate debt for stressed MSMEs, promoters of the MSME will be given debt by banks, which will then be infused by promoters as equity in the Unit.


Reason Why MSME loans are the perfect option for Business Loan [MSME benefits]-

  1. Minimum eligibility criteria to qualify.
  2. Certain Tax Benefits.
  3. Government based MSME loans are available.
  4. Gives a fair chance to all kind of business.
  5. It provides funds for business growth.
  6. MSME loans can be used for any kind of business requirement.


MSME Documents required-[extra documents can be asked if required]

  1. KYC documents
  2. Statements of bank account
  3. Proof of business vintage

There are a lot of Government Schemes for MSME business loans and Start-up Business loans such as Startup India, PMMY, etc. However getting an MSME loan is quite difficult, MSME needs to fulfill financial litmus tests to get approval. 


Where can you get the loan?

GST Center is an organization that can assist you to get the MSME loan in the best possible way. 175+Tax Experts are there to guide you with a quick backend team for all the queries on finance, banking, loan, insurance, and 07 more verticals. 

If you have an inquiry contact on 1800-843-5500



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